The Avanti Project

4 May

I have a piece I’m working on and I need more!!!! QUOTES especially. I need to get to know people better, get in their world, hopefully they let me in. GOD DAMN I need my writing to be good, NOW, more than ever.


I’m desperate. A trait about me I hate.

29 Apr

I’m desperate. A trait about me I hate. But true.


Screw the rules. I do what I must.

29 Apr

Screw the rules. I do what I must. I do what I need.


nature doesn’t…

27 Feb

nature doesn’t mean shit in the strictly human world, why is that?


not what their …

23 Feb

not what their looking for, no (sales) experience, not smart enough, your grades weren’t good enough. no good for anyone or anywhere right now


10 Feb

My best friend helps keep me alive.

30 Jan

I drink a lot. I smoke A LOT. I’m seeking, craving, pining…for another stimulus. One that is healthy.

fighting for those who can not speak

29 Jan

Nothing raises the spirits better than a people’s champion.

needed inspirtaton

28 Jan

vodka and mandarin oranges. conventional wisdom would tell us that is not the path to success.

sleep is good

28 Jan

falling asleep w/ someone is amazing. good sleep is hard to come by. cherish the rest, alone or w/ company. wanting some company.